Água Branca – SP




145.215 m²

SP-Urbanismo promoted, in 2015, with the organization of the IAB-SP (Institute of Architects of Brazil), a National Public Tender for the development of the Preliminary Study of an Urbanization Plan for the subsector A1 of Água Branca Consortium Operation.

Considering the area in front of Tietê River, one of the main water axes of São Paulo, the project seeks a relationship with the river to bring a new urban front, disciplining the use of cars and thinking primarily on pedestrians and the possibility of experiencing sensations and perceptions at different scales, through a pedestrian plot. Pedestrians cross the neighborhood through a promenade marked by a collective ground floor with shops, services, and institutional equipment, integrated into the CEU Territory, where it forms a large square that articulates other cultural and sports facilities.

Public enjoyment is seen as the essence of the project and gives the neighborhood more humanized spaces for public use on a scale proportional to pedestrians since it is open to free circulation and supported by cycle paths. Compliance with the minimum percentages of green and institutional areas are strategically distributed in several lots of the project, including the ground floor of residential condominiums and equipment inside CEU facilities. Urban parameters and requirements were fully met, considering the gross application for all the land.

Honorable Mention

 Work carried out in partnership with: Barbosa and Corbucci Arquitetos Associados

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