São Paulo


2016 | 2018


12.195 m²

To design, in an area of approximately 10,000 square meters, an environment to be used by 1.5 million pedestrians who pass daily through the Avenida Paulista region, São Paulo’s postcard, inviting them to enjoy culture, art, gastronomy, coexistence, and leisure. This was the drive for Levisky Arquitetos in the development of the “Diversity Boulevard” project.

The Urban Renewal proposal includes a street design that levels the ground floor of the buildings around the new Boulevard, located between Avenida Paulista, Avenida Rio Claro, parts of São Carlos do Pinhal street and Itapeva street, in addition to the underground passage for vehicles, expanding the public space for pedestrian circulation, ensuring accessibility and universal design.

Integrated with the Cidade Matarazzo complex, it is an effective model of the connection between public, semi-public, and private spaces, ensuring enjoyment, accessibility, cultural, social, and economic integration.

The requalification of the urban space provides solutions for urban infrastructures such as drainage pavers, urban drainage reusing rainwater, public lighting, landscaping, distribution of water and energy consumption, and telecommunications. Besides offering a space to pedestrians, after renewing the floor completely, create new spaces for leisure, socializing, entertainment and art, new urban furniture, more afforestation with native trees and kiosks dedicated to organic markets.

The work developed also includes strategic consultancy and coordination of licensing processes for Cidade Matarazzo Complex and Urban Intervention in the road system, including interfaces with relevant public agencies, concessionaires, and specialized consultants.

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