Jardim Carqueiro | Cubatão – SP


2006 – 2011




197.500 m²


121.888,98 m²


1.840 units

In the municipality of Cubatão, located in the Serra do Mar, the need for resettlement arose, on the part of the government of the state of São Paulo, through CDHU (Company for Housing and Urban Development), of about 1800 families irregularly inhabiting risky areas. As part of the redevelopment program, Levisky Arquitetos was hired to design a complex that would bring living conditions for these people.

In a profound debate with institutional actors, population and private sector, the firm started from the principles of respect for social diversity, originality, and physical variety of the place when designing the project. The idea was to build a complex with subdivisions and squares, bike paths, open road system (so public transport could circulate through the neighborhood), proximity to services (schools and commerce), and different types of housing, with overlapping houses and four or eight floors buildings.

The concern of not excluding people and value local identity has brought improvements in the population’s health, and the expansion of coexistence, community organization, and social rights. There was also an increase in awareness regarding the environmental preservation of the surroundings. The option for small nuclei instead of a large condominium also allowed a better administration strategy to be run by the residents themselves.

 Carried out in partnership with the architect Eduardo Martins

IAB-SP 2008 Award • Category: Social Interest Housing | Public Production • Honorable Mention

Greenvana Greenbest 2012 • Category: Government Initiatives

Photos: Nelson Kon

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