Talking about architecture and urbanism is talking about how people live. How to integrate life into spaces to promote comfort, satisfaction, well-being, health, safety, tranquility, coexistence, sustainability.

With this responsibility and concern in mind, Levisky Arquitetos Associados is transforming and improving people’s quality of life on an urban scale. The Office’s purpose is to work with public interest projects that allow the discussion of the city’s renewal. That is why it starts with the values of social justice, public health, mobility, legality, sustainability, culture, and diversity. In this way, Levisky adds to the quality of cities and buildings, always prioritizing a harmonious insertion in space, territorial ordering, and respect for natural, rural, and urban landscapes.

To put these purposes into practice, the firm develops mediation solutions between the public sector and private institutions. This creates opportunities to discuss the city and the relationship between people, translating this into project design and strategic consulting.

With almost 7 million square meters developed in architecture, urban planning, and strategic consulting projects, Levisky Arquitetos’ work has been awarded and recognized internationally.

Get to know the work philosophy and areas of operation of the office.

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