Presidente Prudente – SP




8.650 m²

The proposal prepared by Levisky Arquitetos for the tender launched by SENAC Presidente Prudente for the expansion of its facilities, to accommodate new demands of its educational program, has as a premise the integration of the existing volume with the new additions. The connection is marked by the insertion of a single floor joining both spaces, which unite in a wide area of conviviality and circulation.

In this covered but open space, made up of large spans, it is proposed to expand and allow flexibility in the activities performed by the institution, with environments prepared for integration, coexistence, and creativity.

Sustainability premises are incorporated into the project, which provides, for example, the maintenance of existing trees whenever possible, by taking advantage of sunlight, and the natural shape of the land. To ensure better operational efficiency and meet the program proposed by SENAC, adjustments to flows and sectorization of the environments were designed.

The proposal was not the winner

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