São Paulo




11.250 m²


177.740 m²

Inside an area of Guarulhos City, a very industrial town, Via Flora neighborhood started to be occupied by irregular and disordered dwellings amidst the industrial remains.

The multinational company Umicore is installed there and wanted Levisky Arquitetos to structure a public-private partnership, to run a Feasibility Study for Via Flora Park, mediating the efforts from the company and the city hall to renew the region.

In an area of 11,250 square meters, the project aims at mitigating environmental impacts and offering public equipment with spaces for sports, leisure, culture, and coexistence – based on universal design guidelines and respecting the natural topography of this terrain. The tree restoration in partnership and landscape curation with the Secretariat of Green and Environment brings species dedicated to phytoremediation. To guarantee the visual permeability and safety of users, translucent closures were proposed at the park’s boundary with the Fernão Dias Highway.

The park spaces are organized in floors following the levels of the land and include Praça das Águas square and a playground, with educational, recreational and playful character, and a closed water reuse system. Near that we proposed sports courts and a skatepark, an environment with outdoor fitness equipment and a second, wider, contemplative, and social square, with space for events and a side grandstand connecting to the lower level. The project also proposes a hiking trail, playground, community exhibition space, and a new walkway that connects the neighborhoods cut by the Fernão Dias Highway.

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