São Paulo


2019 | 2020


2020 (under construction)


87.175 m²

Founded in 1884, Santa Casa de Misericórdia de São Paulo is a private and philanthropic institution, considered one of the most important centers of reference and health research in Brazil. The hospital complex, marked by its architectural, historical and cultural value, houses several buildings inserted in the same lot and in its immediate surroundings, in order to provide assistance and run the administrative program.

Based on the diagnosis of Santa Casa’s facilities, operations and activities, its relationship with the city and the urban standards applicable, the Master Plan designed by Levisky Architects sought to guide strategic actions and future interventions from a perspective that goes beyond the limits of the building, applying devices and incentives provided by the PDE and LPUOS, with the purpose of enabling the expansion of the institution in an integrated manner to the surroundings.

Thinking about the need to update the spaces, flows and materials to be used, it was necessary to set a dialogue with the preservation bodies, which, together with knowledge of hospital architecture from our office, made possible highly efficient solutions, respecting the value as an historical and cultural institution. In this sense, it is proposed to organize both the sectorization – considering the high complexity care -, as well as the support and operational activities in areas inserted in the hospital area.

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