São Paulo




2012 (under construction)


180.680 m²


66.560 m²


146 units

Based on the principle that urban renewal is capable of promoting improvement in the quality of life of the population, as a right to the city, as an offer of urban infrastructure and public services, in 2011 Levisky Arquitetos presented an intervention proposal in Jardim Colombo Center, located in Paraisópolis, South of São Paulo.

As part of the Program for the Re-urbanization of Favelas and the recovery of water sources, the demand presented by the Housing Secretariat of São Paulo had as a basic premise the implementation of a Linear Park along Colombo Stream, relocating families in vulnerable areas to new housing units.

After understanding the population needs, in a collaborative management model, the urban project sets a limit of protection to the stream and expands the intervention area.

The proposal defines structural axes for the project: mobility, connection with the road system and access to public transportation; the permanence of local commerce; definition of new areas for housing; supply of equipment, and urban infrastructure.

Thus, along the linear park, a new road integrates Jardim Colombo with the neighboring community and organizes new lots occupied by mixed-use buildings, with local shops and housing units in addition to the institutional health and sports buildings.

The drainage system solution is an open channeling of the stream, recovering the existing spring and the execution of a basic sanitation system for the entire community. In this way, it seeks to rescue water as an element, as an inducer of the qualified public space, stimulating the population and expanding the possibilities of sports, cultural, social, coexistence, and belonging to the place.

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