São Paulo




9.100 m²


6.855 m²

In line with the new service philosophy of the Institute of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery (IOCAP) at UNICAMP, whose goal is to provide full health treatment for their patients and family members through humanized practices, the project invests in welcoming users, guided by high technology, sustainability, and functionality in the proposal of new buildings.

As an articulating element, the central square was thought to be more than just a circulation area, adding functions of the foyer, classroom, conviviality area, space for exhibitions, and stress release. From this spot, the other buildings are arranged around it, like the teaching and research building, which, by embracing it with glass facades, allows greater visual permeability to the complex and greater integration with local nature and landscape.

The proposal also allows for the future integration of IOCAP with Hospital das Clínicas through a land next to the Helipad, with access to cars, ambulances, and pedestrians. In this way, a good flow of clinical, infrastructure, and emergency staff is made possible, guaranteeing great teamwork between hospital’s assistance and operational areas, such as Medical Specialties, pharmacy, kitchen, among others.

The proposal was not the winner

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