São Paulo


2013 | 2016


19.200 m²


1.500 m²


13.540 m²

Senac Águas de São Pedro maintains a school hotel in São Paulo countryside, a hydro-mineral resort. Reorganizing their leisure areas is an attempt to attract a younger audience. Assuming that challenge, the office designed a ground floor building inside the hotel’s woods, which, with its staircases and ramps, connects new areas to the old ones.

The integration of spaces is made by wooden decks, which also serve for entertaining and interactive activities with guests. Thinking about the purpose of this building, the environments were designed to be modular and flexible according to activity type and age group, which can be reduced, expanded, or even integrated into the external area with the use of glass partitions.

The idea of a water park arose from the design, as a way to enhance and rescue the water element, so important for the history of the hotel and the city. With aquatic and recreational equipment divided by age group and rubberized sand-colored floor, the environment was inspired by a small beach.

Thus, at the same time that it proposes contemporary solutions, the building adapts to the environment where it is inserted and to the established constructions. This valued its surroundings and respected the important tradition of the city, developed around the hotel, and the discovery of the thermal waters.

In addition to the Water Park, the office designed a zen garden around the hotel, taking advantage of a golf course of more than 19 thousand square meters that has no use now. The environment offers guests areas to stay, stroll and rest, with great vegetation, two ornamental lakes, lawns, wooden decks, and stone paths.

Photos: Ana Mello (Park and Recreation and Leisure Center) and Archive (Zen Garden)

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