São Paulo


2009 | 2017


38.100 m²


Concerned with rescuing heritage, public space, history, and memory of Bixiga neighborhood, in Bela Vista, downtown São Paulo, a network of local community associations and entities invited Levisky Arquitetos to seek solutions for Praça 14 Bis renewal.

Among other requests, the proposal had to meet the needs of the region, including reorganizing public transportation, green areas, pedestrian walks, public spaces devoted to memory, leisure, entertainment and gastronomic and artistic tourism that characterize the neighborhood that is so relevant to the city.

Combined with the demands and the macro infrastructure solutions planned for the city, the proposal is part of the Urban Intervention Plan. It considers the demolition of Doutor Plínio de Queiroz bridge, moving traffic flow to an underground passage, in addition to macro drainage solutions, rainwater reservoirs, and car-prepared surfaces with draining floors along Nove de Julho avenue.

Considering the landmarks of the neighborhood, where 14 Bis Square is located, the proposal includes expansion of the square itself, the green walks and the public promenade, in addition to the creation of leisure and sports areas, connected by new paved structures and urban furniture, promoting mobility and expanding possibilities of people permanence.

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