São Paulo






2.460.000 m²

In an archeological site of 2.4 million square meters formed by a meteor crater, the occupation of irregular dwellings in an area of environmental preservation led to a demand for urban requalification. Thus, the Secretariat of Green and Environment of São Paulo needed a solution that would, on one hand, address issues of land regularization, basic sanitation, and urban infrastructure, and on the other hand, valorize environmental heritage.

Based on conversations with the local community about intentions and needs, the project foresaw the creation of public spaces such as squares, four linear parks, sidewalks, two lookouts, open areas with water treatment, channeling the existing watercourse and green areas recovery. From the lookouts, it is possible to view the geological depression of the crater, with 3.5 km in diameter.

Thus, the idea of local urban and economic development was thought by the residents themselves, considering tourism and new opportunities for trade. In this way, the proximity of Environmental Protected Area (APA, in Portuguese) Capivari-Monos raised the possibility of generating income from ecological tourism, simultaneously addressing social and environmental issues – becoming a park-museum.

Master Real Estate Award 2011 • Category: Professional • Environmental Preservation

IAB-SP 2010 Award • Honorable Mention

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