São Paulo


2015 | 2016


50.000 m²


6.180 m²

The educational process is not restricted to classrooms only, it takes place in all spaces of an educational institution. A new educational practice requires the redefinition of the use of spaces, in order to promote environments that meet and contribute to the formulation of new models.

The new pedagogical models of Colégio Santa Cruz brought to light the need to rethink environments, among them, the sports gymnasium and outdoor areas. In this sense, Levisky Arquitetos proposed a reform project including some interventions, aiming at creating spaces that stimulate and provide new, dynamic, playful experiences and that expand the limits of the classrooms.

The Multisport Gymnasium project, in line with the institution’s new pedagogical, cultural and technological perspectives, considered the demolition of the existing building, maintaining only the operational support space, and the construction of a new building to house new sports, competitions and school parties, among other functions. It also includes additional rooms for new sports and activities organized by age group, as well as changing rooms and other institutional support. As the works were carried out during the school year, requiring the use of the gymnasium, the office sought solutions for a fast, dry and phased construction.

Studying the potential of the campus, an extensive and green area in the west side of São Paulo, the office proposed an underground garage, to avoid circulation and parking of vehicles in the internal streets and transforming these spaces into walkable promenades with coloured interlocking floor, which connects all the blocks, expanding the possibilities of socializing and developing outdoor educational activities.

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