São Paulo




3.500 m²

Learning is not only connected to the content, but also to the space in which it takes place and the interactions it provides. Seeking to contribute to transformative education, Levisky Arquitetos presented a study for the new library competition at Colégio Santa Cruz, located in west São Paulo.

The idea that guided the study was the integration of the library with the school’s pedagogical project, flexible enough to create modular, dynamic, and cozy environments and the possibility of simultaneous uses. From this, the doors are open now to new forms of interaction and learning, based on the concepts of collectivity, collaboration, and sustainability.

The proposal organizes the building on three floors, divided into activities and the intended stimuli.

The building’s ground floor was designed for collective and dynamic activities, due to the intense circulation of people and flexibility of spaces. To stimulate studying, reading, and activities that require more silence and concentration, the upper floor was designed to house the library’s collection and space for people to stay alone or in small groups. Finally, the building’s roof was designed to allow social activities, to rest, collective reading, debate and open classes in an outdoor environment.

The proposal was not the winner

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