São Paulo


2017 | 2018


26.900 m²

São Paulo’s manufacturing old days, a fundamental part of the identity of the largest Brazilian city continues to be told in several buildings from the early 20th century was the background of the country’s industrialization. Every day we see properties like these, listed as historical heritage, in a situation of abandonment and economic impracticability of recovery and maintenance.

Aiming at promoting the debate about valuing heritage inside the protection of the historical heritage agencies, associating restoration with the creation of new uses, Levisky Arquitetos developed a feasibility study to transform the old Weaving Companies known as Indústrias Reunidas Fábrica Matarazzo, built in the 1930s, into a new educational institution.

The proposal considers the partial preservation of the protected area, the restoration of the building, and the expansion of the area, to receive the teaching materials and the education program. The recovery of its walls and structures, witnesses of time, the expansion of the restoration scope, and the intended renewal, caused a stream of memories seen in all the historical, landscape, technical and technological aspects.

The new building is a light and transparent volume, a “prism made of glass”, which plays a key role in connecting the buildings in the complex, creating an internal courtyard. In addition to enabling better use of the building, contemporary activities are hosted now, bringing valuation and sustainability to this protected landmark, which is deemed as a School-Museum.

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