São Paulo


2012 | 2015


51.500 m²

Health teaching and research have gained prominence in reference institutions, consolidating their relevance in the global health scenario. In this sense, to expand and centralize their institute, Hospital Abert Einstein planned the construction of the new Health Research and Teaching Center.

Levisky Arquitetos has participated in this process since the beginning, thinking on feasibility, to define the area and the lots, structuring the activities and preparing the legal strategy to make the enterprise viable.

The structuring of the activity program included research, benchmarketing, debate with the institution’s technical staff, and resulted in a preliminary study for the new center.

Volumetry is composed of five blocks connected by walkways that form a main axis of coexistence. The proposed solution also organizes the possibility of creating facilities for the Medical and Nursing School and the Health Innovation and Research Center, considering large, light, flexible, and highly technological environments.

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