São Paulo


2002 | 2009


160.500 m²

In 2002, São Paulo went through a very important moment of elaborating on the Strategic Master Plan for the Municipality and reviewing the law of use and occupation of the city’s land. At the same time, Albert Einstein Hospital envisaged the possibility of expanding the Morumbi Unit to meet the need to expand the service capacity and the corresponding operational support areas.

In this scenario, Levisky Arquitetos structured the Urban Master Plan to enable the expansion of the hospital in line with urban issues, starting from a detailed diagnostic analysis from the perspective of use and occupation, mobility, and seeking a better relationship with the neighborhood.

The process continued through intermediation between the public and private sectors and dialogue with the residents of the surrounding areas, organized by workshops and formal assemblies, review of legislation, and application of new laws.

The proposal of the Master Plan culminates with the idea of expanding the hospital adding a new assistance tower in another block, connected to the existing building by footbridges, and composing the new hospital complex.

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