São Paulo


2017 | 2019


194.500 m²

Although the city of São Paulo has large hospital structures, the demand for health services persists. Analyzing the conditions of health equipment in São Paulo, it is clear that the pattern of land use near these institutions is repetitive: occupied and consolidated areas, scarcity of available land, in contrast to the constant need for updating and expansion of its structures, hampered even more by legal urban restrictions.

Given this, Levisky Arquitetos presented the municipality with a study in which a new draft project was proposed based on encouraging the expansion and implementation of complementary activities in the areas surrounding existing health complexes, which was welcomed by the Executive and Legislative offices, generating a new urban instrument for hospitals in the city.

As a first experience using this instrument, the Master Plan for Albert Einstein Hospital was developed, foreseeing a series of area relocations – both in the existing building and also in its adjacent areas – considering the incentives to uses related to health services and health education, in which, for example, new areas were proposed for activities of medium and low complexity, in addition to the expansion of the operating room and intensive care units.

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